Thursday, December 6, 2012

A bit of history


   My first experience with quilting was a class at a quilt shop here in Winnipeg.  I was about 13 years old, I took it with my sister and younger brother.  It was a lot of fun.  It was just a small little blanket but I still kept it all these years.


 My next quilt years later was a rag throw for my husband celebrating our first Christmas married to each other. I really underestimated the time consuming cutting it would take, and ended up giving him a quilt that had half the tabs cut with a promise I'd finish it as soon as I could.  He got to enjoy it finally that March :).  Here's a pic.

   I then made some quilts with no specific purpose, if I liked a pattern I tried it. Some of the ones I finished just sat unused, so I put them in my etsy shop.  Here's a couple examples...

This is my favorite top stitch design yet (pictured below).
   When I became pregnant I went crazy making quilts even though I didn't know whether I was having a boy, or a girl. I thought I could just pick my favorite and try to sell the rest. So here's a taste of my baby quilt craziness... which is not including all the smaller blankets I made.

 This is the one I eventually chose (above picture).  I'm not sure why I picked such masculine colors, but up close there are flowers :) I also made, (being the crazy person that I am) a matching bed skirt, crib pad, change pad covers, sheets, basket inserts, and yes even an accessory holder.

   Then after I had my beautiful baby girl I thought I just have to start to make her a twin quilt for her big girl bed she would have eventually.  With an eye roll from my husband I went on the hunt for fabric.  I found this beautiful and intriguing pattern of wacky flowers.  It was a lot of piecing but I think it turned out pretty good.  For all the quilters with small children, as you surely know... making a quilt takes a million times longer!

Unknowingly I bought curtain material that matched my fabric perfectly.

   In 2012 my mom got a Statler Stitcher to do top stitching.  This was a dream of hers for a long time. I was so happy for her, and for me because even though I've made a lot of quilts, none of them have been actually quilted on top.  Her business is Over the Top Quilt and Design in St. Andrews Manitoba.  Her machine is amazing! I went down to Fargo and took the training with her.  It's crazy what it can do with such great accuracy.  Me and my mother went on a frenzy top stitching all our quilts, as well as my sisters quilts. After about 20 quilts I'd say we are pretty good at it:)

   I am always looking for fabric deals, quilting is a very expensive hobby.  I found some jelly rolls so I thought I'd start a quick and easy quilt. My mother tried putting a plush fleece blanket on the back of one of her quilts and it turned out amazing so I thought I'd do the same.  After it was done and top stitched I really didn't want to give it up but in my closetless house there's only so many beds you can put these quilts on.  So I put it in my etsy shop.

Well that's it for now, onto my next quilt project...

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