Sunday, December 23, 2012

First Apple Core Quilt

   So I love a quilt with a story, and this one starts with my husband being quite the old lady charmer.  When my husband worked at a grocery store he would woo the old ladies and they would bring him all kinds of treats.  One lady in particular a 90 year old baba, would bring him all kinds of Ukrainian treats like perogies and cabbage rolls. We became good friends and go to her house regularly to visit. She always stuffs our faces with all kinds of specialty baked goods.  I can't believe she's almost 91 and pretty much has a full time job making perogies and cabbage rolls.  She even makes specialty perogies like taco and pizza.  This Christmas I decided to make a throw quilt for her couch.  I thought it would be a nice gesture because she usually gives us tonnes of stuff to take home for free. 

  Since I have my accuquilt apple core die I thought I'd give it a try.  Traditionally you cut these out by hand, or around a template with a small rotary cutter.  It really cuts out a lot of work having my accuquilt.  I really didn't know what I was getting myself into when I took this on.  I'm not sure who came up with the design but it's really a frustrating quilt to put together.  On the accuquilt website it says it's a beginner quilt... I don't think so!!!  Maybe it was a little more frustrating then usual because I had to get it done before Christmas.

  The fabric I used was from a shop hop in Minnesota a couple years back.  My mother went on it but never used the fabric, so she gave it to me for my project.  The fabrics where a little old ladyish, which was perfect for what I was doing.

  Because I had so many problems putting it together I'll do a better tutorial at a later date.  The main problem was I was making up a design and like my husband always says "I rush things".  But I felt the pressure to get it done.  I screwed up on my pairing when I was trying to sew in bulk and had to rearrange the whole pattern so I wouldn't have to sit and seam rip for an hour.   It's really important to pay attention to your pattern as to which way the apple core goes, so it's not flipped the wrong way to connect to the next.  It might be a good idea for my next one to sew row by row. 

  Apple core quilts are known for using a tremendous amount of pins.  I started off by taking peoples advice and pinning.  The accuquilt die cuts the tabs or notches in your fabric which really helps.  I started off by pinning the center notch then the two sides and adding two more in between.  I found even though I pinned I'd sit and fidget at the machine anyways.  I tried just pinning the center notch and it worked out better for me.  Since the blocks are so accurately cut you could probably use no pins at all (maybe).  I even saw on one site the person used fabric glue and it worked out good for her. 

  After sewing my whole quilt together it was even difficult to iron!!!  I'm making kits to sell in my etsy shop so I don't want to discourage people from taking this on, because it really turns out great in the end.  All my sweat and tears paid off...Yay!!   You get a beautiful curvy quilt that's a lot different then your traditional straight lines and squares.

  After top stitching it I decided to make the edges straight.  In the future I would love to keep the curvy edges but more because of time restraints I just had to get it done.  It's really amazing what top stitching your quilt will do, it enhances it so much.  I chose a swirly rose, edge to edge pattern.  I love using my mom's long arm, it's my favorite part of making a quilt. 


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