Monday, December 24, 2012

One Block Wonder Part 2

  I cut out my one block wonder quilt a couple weeks ago and thought I'd start putting it together.  I was really excited as to how it would turn out.

I would always lay it out in front of me to get the best design before I started sewing. I also kept in mind that I didn't want too many repeats, so I tried to make it different every time. 

  I started out by taking each bundle of six and sewing it together in threes.  I would do three or four bundles at a time so I could whip more through my machine at once.  You just need to be careful not to mix up your piles, I wouldn't do more then 4 bundles at a time. 

   Try to mark your fabrics or just be careful to keep the pairs together. You can even safety pin them if you transport them a lot.

  After I ironed the sets it was time to lay them out.  You really need a design wall or in my case I used the spare bed at my father in laws.  I laid them out and bang amazing!!!! Since the beginning I knew I should have had more fabric, even though the quilt looked absolutely gorgeous it was too small for my liking.  I went back to my scraps and mustered up 6 more blocks, to make another row and fill in my missing hexagon.  It's fun laying them out, fiddling with them till you get the layout you like.  For this one since it's so small I just did an all over design.


   Now it was time to sew my rows together.  It's nice to have your sewing machine close to where your quilt is laid out.  I would do one row at a time but would reference back to my design a lot.  I have sewed hexagons together and it is much easier doing it in the rows. 

   I love the one block wonder!!! It's sometimes very hard to match up fabric when making a traditional quilt, for this quilt bang! it matches, and every hexagon is different and unique.  It's truly one of a kind.  My quilt ended up being 5 hexagons by 7 hexagons or 32x46, so I definitely need to add some borders.  But from 2 yards of fabric this ain't bad, and I have enough to add a 1 or 2 inch border as well.
  For next time... I learned from doing this one that I might not iron so that I can manoeuvre my fabric better and just let it fall into place as I go.  Oh and have more fabric :)  I actually have my next one all planned out and bought 6 panels to see how that will work.  It's a really pretty Michael Miller fairy panel, almost a shame to cut it up.

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