Saturday, December 8, 2012

One Block Wonder

   I saw the most beautiful quilt on etsy, and thought "how the heck did they do that?"  So I investigated and found that it was a one block wonder quilt. This is my new love, I just had to try it out.  I thought since it looked so hard I would use big hexagons and just do a small throw... I was given some terribly ugly fabric that would be just perfect for my experimental quilt, even though it is a little too busy. 

  All your need is a big print with the colors you like, because believe me once you finish it, it looks nothing like the original fabric.  It's best to have a pattern repeat at 12" or 24".  Since I actually didn't have much of the fabric only about 2 meters, I knew the most I could do was a throw with maybe some borders to make it the right size.  I then cut what I had into 6 pieces of fabric so I could lay them on top of each other.  Please keep in mind there are books for how to do this properly, but I'm more of a quilting baker and sometimes it works, but sometimes I get green cookies. :)  After I carefully placed the fabric on top of each other making sure the pattern was exactly in line, I pinned it just to hold it together while I cut.  There is some fabric waste, you'll need quite a bit of yardage for a project like this.  I ended up cutting 4" wide strips.  Since this was more experimental then anything else I didn't want to fiddle with little triangles.

   Now that I had my strips I needed to cut the triangles out.  You should probably get a triangle cutter for this project but since I haven't purchased one yet I wondered if I could try using the triangle template on my cutting board. 

   Obviously using an actual triangle cutter would have been easier but since it's pretty expensive to have all the tricks of the trade, this worked fine.  From two rows I got 34 triangle bundles.

My triangles ended up being 4 1/2" on each side which is pretty big but I think I'll get the same effect.  I peaked at one of my triangle bundles just to see what kind of designs I'd get and I think its going to be pretty cool. 

  All three above pictures are from the same bundle. It all depends on how you decide to sew them.  So now I'm going to do some sewing, will update later.  But here's just one more picture I took.  This will be a really funky throw!


  1. very nice...I love kaleidoscope patterns!

  2. I really want to try one of these . x

  3. I love this! You go girl! I'm trying to find the right fabric now....I am going to try this.