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Over the Top Quilt and Design

Over the Top
Quilt and Design
Long Arm Machine Quilting, Design, and Finishing.
Welcome to Over the Top Quilt and Design

  A family run long arm quilting business. Run by Evelyn Willms and her daughter Serena Parasz. We have a new Gammill Statler Long-Arm Stitcher and would love to help you create the finishing touches to your quilt top. We have hundreds of designs to choose from including edge to edge pantographs to your one of a kind block by block designs.

  Hi, I'm Evelyn and I have been sewing for years and years. I started out sewing my children's cloths, all seven of them!! When they grew too old to appreciate my efforts, I fell in love with quilting. My retirement dream of offering professional long arm quilt finishing, has become a reality.

  Hey, I'm Serena. My mother got me into quilting years ago and quilting is a wonderful hobby we do together. Now that my mother has her longarm I have found a whole new way to love quilting.
Services and Pricing
Pantograph or Edge to Edge: $0.016 - $0.020 per square inch(depending on pattern size selection)
Custom Finishing:
Block by block or just about anything you can imagine. $0.030 - $0.040 per square inch
(depending on intricacy of design)
To calculate quilting cost:
multiply the length and width then multiply by the price/square inch.
Example: 60 x 80 = 4800
4800 x $0.018 = $86.40
100% cotton, 100% Poly, 80/20 cotton/poly blend. (prices vary)
The charge is based on how many bobbins used.
$1.50 / bobbin used, solid colour cotton
$2.00 / bobbin used, variegated cotton
$2.50 / bobbin used, specialty threads
$0.12 per running inch. I will make a double binding from your fabric and stitch it to the front of you quilt with mitered corners for you to hand finish.
Minimum charge:
$50 per quilt
All prices are subject to change at anytime
1. Please keep all layers seperate. The backing and batting should be 4" larger on all sides and should be squared.
2. Both top and backing should be carefully pressed and all loose threads should be clipped.
3. If you have pieced borders, please stabalize the edges by stay stitching 1/8" from the edge. This will ensure that the pieced seams do not pull apart during quilting.
4. If you are using sheets as backing, please keep the thread count no more than 200, and wash to remove sizing.
5. You are welcome to bring your own new batting. I have 100% unbleached cotton, 100% poly, or 80/20 cotton/poly blend available. I do not pre-wash the batting. There will be a 5% shrinkage rate on the 100% cotton, which will give you the antique look once washed. If you would like to avoid this you will have to pre-treat your batting.

or Serena at

  Our turnover right now is 2-3 weeks. Check out the picture section of the blog to see some top stitching examples.  Or go to

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