Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Hexagon Quilt- Michael Miller Fabric- Lush Collection by Patti Young

My first attempt at a hexagon quilt... Wish me luck...

  I started out with 11 Michael Miller fabrics from the Lush collection by Patty Young, and 1 from a Valorie Wells collection that matched (the orange one).  I bought all my fabric at fabric.com.  I used about 21" of each fabric and cut 4 - 5 1/4"  strips so I could whip them through my accuquilt GO! cutter. 

  One by one I put them through the machine. You can fold them over 3 times to make a 4 double layer cut, you end up with 8 - 5" hexagons per strip.  (There actually 4.33" wide and 5" high.)
  The waste after the hexagons are cut is forming a lot of triangles,  I'm going to try to incorporate into a quilt in the future.

  I ended up with 384 hexagons.

  First I decided the order of my fabrics. I just tried to keep the solids and white background fabrics apart. 
  I laid them out on the floor just to get an idea of what it would look like, before I started sewing them together. 
  My original plan was to do a throw quilt but I had some extra fabric so I jumped to a twin size instead.  My quilt would be 15 hexagons across by 20 hexagons down.  So 300 hexagons total.  My hexagon quilt kits on etsy actually come with 520 hexagons for the twin but for mine I'll add some borders to get the desired size.
  I embarrassingly make terrible drawings when I make a quilt to go by.  I give the fabrics numbers or letters then I do the math for pairings and such, this way I can sit at my machine longer and do some bulk sewing.  Then I lay it out and fill in the rest for my rows.  I have a little munchkin at home that likes to throw my fabric all over the place (including the garbage sometimes).  So I try to keep the fabric off the ground. 
  Sewing the rows was a breeze, only took me a few hours. Then came the hard part sewing the rows together...  There is a couple different techniques to sew the hexagons together.  This apparently was my learning quilt... But it did turn out pretty good.  It took me quite a few days to get them together, doing a row here and there when I had time.  It's finicky work similar to the apple core quilt.

  My quilt ended up being 55" x 65", so with some borders I'm hoping for a quilt around 75"x 85".  Maybe I could even incorporate all those triangles left over from the accuquilt cutting.