Monday, January 28, 2013

One Block Wonder Finished!!

  So my first one block wonder quilt is finished!  Yay!!!   I can't believe how good it turned out.  Sometimes I amaze myself :)  The quilt is really not my colors but I can appreciate the beauty.  I decided to go for just a black border with a little strip of the original fabric that I had left over.  The quilt ended up being 52" x 64", so a pretty decent throw size.

  When it came to top stitching it, again this was my first one block wonder.  I looked for some ideas online, to see what other people had done.  I ended up going custom.  I did a circle array flower in each hexagon, which fit nicely.  Then I did each border with it's own design. 

  I decided to use turquoise thread on the whole quilt, even the black borders.  It turned out nice but next time I would use black thread to blend in on the black fabric.  Using colored thread on black makes your mistakes very evident. 

  Even though it was just a throw size it took me quite a few days to top stitch.  I do got a little 20 month old at home though.  She really doesn't like to share my attention, which may be the culprit for it taking so long.  It's a wonder I get anything done:)

  So here it is... It is actually a very easy quilt to make, if you don't mind sewing tonnes of triangles.