Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Online Fabric Order

  I made my first big online fabric purchase from fabric.com.  I was so excited when it arrived :)  I got Michael Miller fabric, Valorie Wells, and Kate Spain. 


 I am a Canadian gal and Americans don't know how lucky they are, fabric is so much cheaper down there.  The average cost at a quilt shop up here is $15 a meter.  I usually go to a wholesale place but what use to be $7.99 a meter is now $10-$13 a meter.  Even when I order online I go across the border to pick it up because shipping is crazy expensive and most of the websites offer free shipping in the states.  I am probably going to order from Hancock fabric next and I've heard Connecting Threads and Burgundy Buttons is good when there's a sale. 

  With all the labour that's involved in making a quilt and the cost of the fabric, it really is a labour of love. You don't get paid much for your time.  But when your sewing machine is working properly, and your back doesn't hurt to much from standing and cutting out the fabric, it's quite enjoyable and relaxing.  I'm really excited about the one block wonder quilts that I'm making, you never know what your going to end up with. I ordered six of the below Michael Miller fabric panel in my online order, this will be my next one block wonder adventure.

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