Saturday, January 26, 2013

Plush Backing on Quilts

  Ever since me and my mom got our long arm we have been experimenting with using plush fleece backings on our quilts.  We just buy the full/queen blankets and don't have to worry about seams.   When using this backing, batting is not required which is a plus.  After we did our first quilt, we were hooked, and have continued to use it on a lot of our quilts.  You have to be careful when loading it on your machine, it's very important not to stretch it.  If you stretch it, it will bounce back when you take it off your machine.  Another plus is that it's not as stiff as a traditional quilt, better to snuggle into.

Monkey Design
 Large Flower Design
 Paisley Design
 Double Posie Design
   Feather Design
  The downside to this backing is when binding you get a little bit of a wiggly affect sometimes, it dulls your needle faster, and I'm still not sure how it holds up compared to a cotton fabric back.  It seems like it would only be suitable for an overall edge to edge pantograph design. 
  Here's a couple quilts with minky backing. When using minky you do have to use batting though, because it's thinner.


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