Saturday, January 5, 2013

Renae's Quilts

   So along with my mother and I, my sister Renae is also an avid quilter. Unfortunately she lives far away so we share quilting projects and ideas from afar. This past Christmas she brought some quilt tops and we top stitched 3 quilts in 3 days :) She has a very distinct taste in her fabrics and designs.  I am always jealous of the beautiful quilts she creates.  Here's a taste of some of her creations...
 Hexagon Quilt
Top Stitched Meandering Feather Pattern
                   back (above)
Fandango Circle Quilt 
Top Stitched Feather Edge to Edge
                            back (above)
This quilt was very labour intensive and she handstitched around each circle.
 Stripe Quilt
Top Stitched Meandering Feather Shadow Pattern

Triangle Paisley Quilt
Top Stitched Paisley Edge to Edge
                                             back (above)
Zigzag Quilt
Top Stitched Feather Swirl Pattern

                                                                                          back (above)

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