Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Tumbler Quilt Finished

  I went and top stitched my tumbler quilt.  I love going and picking out the design and thread to tie everything together.  I decided because it was kind of a kid themed quilt I'd put minky on the back.  Minky is a little tricky to work with on a long arm machine, you have to make sure it doesn't stretch.  If you do stretch it, when you take it off the machine it bounces back, and isn't too pretty. 

  I chose a light green thread.  When working with minky or a plush backing the thread isn't that noticeable on the back, but still shows up a bit.

  My original plan was to do an overall edge to edge pattern, but I ended up going row by row with a flower border pattern.  In the end it looks like an edge to edge anyways. 


   Normally you steam out the bunches when your top stitching but your not suppose to iron minky... so I have a couple flat spots I hope bounce back.

  In the end I think it turned out pretty dang good!  I'm definitely going to do another tumbler quilt soon. But right now I have 2 more quilts waiting to be top stitched so until next time....


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