Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Glide Thread

  I ordered some Glide thread from Fil-Tec or  It's a 100% polyester thread that has a beautiful sheen and is highly recommended for machine quilting.  It's even a little cheaper than some of the other well known brands.  It comes in a wide variety of colors and they come in thread kits which can make it even a better bang for your buck.  They sell pre-wound bobbins as well, which I'm going to try next time I make an order.   When my order arrived I even got a nice color card to make future ordering easier. 

  We got this beautiful baby quilt in to do.  The lemon ice colored thread was just perfect.  When me and my mom did our long arm training we used glide thread, but this was the first customers quilt we have done with it.   We used the george3 pattern (at least that's what it's called on our machine)  it's a really cute zoo animal pattern.

  The quilt turned out beautiful!  It really helps when the customer does a good job and follows the instructions on how to bring a quilt to get long armed.  Everything was very square, ironed, and it was very nice to get more then enough backing.  I was quite impressed how well the quilt was pieced, and this was the customers first quilt!!!

  The only negative was that since the thread was so "silky"  it fell down the spool and got caught under the bottom a few times.  So we'll have to purchase a net or something.  We kind of just did a makeshift solution for now with a zip lock bag, but maybe even some sort of tape would work.  

  All in all very nice thread for a decent price.  Woohoo can't wait for the next quilt.


  1. Oh, wait till you try the magna glide bobbins! You'll never go back to winding your own.

  2. I think if you put a little piece of batting in your first thread guide, it will help to keep the thread from falling back. It works for me on my Lenni and I never use netting on the spool. I highly recommend the magnetic bobbins! I refuse to use anything else, they work so well with Glide on top, no lint, no breaks, and more thread on the bobbin!

  3. The thread nets do a really great job and worth not having to worry about the thread puddles. I buy the pack from Superior and they are very nice and flexible -not too tight to affect tension. Good job on the darling baby quilt! LOVE that Glide!!

  4. I forgot to mention the no lint thing... Amazing! I am going to try the little piece of batting, thanks Maggie. My mom has a net that came with her serger we might try too, I hope it will be similiar to the superior because they sound great. So much valuable info, I love the quilting community :) And I am definitely going to order the bobbins next time.

  5. I found the thread nets affected the tension too much for me. I will try the bit of batting trick. I cut a short piece from a nylon stocking and put it around just the bottom of the spool and that worked okay for me. Love the prewound bobbins from Fil-Tec!