Friday, March 8, 2013

Renovation Update

    So it's been a grueling few weeks but progress have been made.... After peeling all the wallpaper, scraping ceilings, taking down paneling, and ripping out the kitchen, bulk head, mouldings, and all the carpets it was time to put everything back together. 

  My biggest unforeseen problem or headache was the ceilings.  I thought they looked pretty good when I scraped the popcorn off but under closer inspection they needed quite a bit of work.  My dad was nice enough to fill in my ceiling where we took out the bulk head, and "float" it with drywall mud.  Even after quite a few layers you could still kind of see where the bulk head was.   As for the rest of the ceiling my husband and I spent days mudding and sanding until finally we decided to do a California knockdown texture on it.  Flat ceilings seem appealing but beware they show everything!!!  Perhaps if this was new drywall it would be different but as it is an older home we just couldn't get it nice enough.  The California knockdown only took a few hours with my dad and brother helping.  You do need to cover everything with plastic though cause it's quite messy.  All those days of mudding and sanding were a waste :(  oh well.

  Even though to some it doesn't look like much.  Painting took forever! But there is nothing like a fresh coat of paint.  Quilting and painting are actually my favorite things to do but are the most frustrating at the same time.  Every inch of this place got a coat or 2 or 3 of paint, even the closets. 
  My flooring is being picked up in a couple days but has to sit for a week to climatize.  I might get a couple days off!!! woohoo!  Well scrap that because unfortunately I also have to do renovations on the house I'm currently living in to get it ready to sell. 
  My kitchen was delivered today.  Very exciting!!! I'm very happy IKEA came to Winnipeg.  We got our kitchen priced out at a couple different places and IKEA was like half the price, plus we got 15% back in gift cards.  How can you go wrong...  Well we will see how it goes putting it together... The picture below shows my whole kitchen in a some what small pile of boxes.  You can also see the painted walls and ceiling.   


   I don't want to show too much cause I think there we be some awesome before and afters in a few weeks. 

  On another note I made my first ETSY sale!!! Finally!!! Very happy :)  Can't wait till this is all finished so I can get back to quilting!

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