Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Pop Parade 2 Quilt

  I love free patterns and the internet is a great resource for finding them.  At the P&B textiles website ( I found this Pop Parade 2 quilt pattern.  I like how the squares pop out at you:)  I have so much left over fabric from all my previous projects I thought this could be kind of a scrap quilt.  Most of the scraps are from my flower quilt I made my daughter. 

   The pattern is for a 54" square but I added a few rows and borders to make it a twin.  I changed the pattern a bit adding my left over flower blocks.  Here's another one of my beautiful drawings so I had something to go by.... scribble marks are from my daughter :)

  I had to cut down the flowers because they were 11" squares and I needed them to be 8" squares.

 This was actually a lot of work because I had to seam rip them apart, trim them down and then reassemble them.

  After doing so many wonky quilts that don't have straight lines it was a nice break to work with plain old squares.  The quilt went together fairly fast.  The popped out squares are actually appliqued on.

  I was proud of myself for not buying any new fabric.  Although I'll probably have to buy some sort of backing fabric.  Can't wait to go top stitch it.