Thursday, May 23, 2013

My Mom's Quilts

  My mother, who is my inspiration and who got me into quilting in the first place has made some very beautiful quilts.  She's a bit of a perfectionist and if you look at her work you can see everything is very precise.  For years she had quilt tops just piling up because if she couldn't finish them right she would wait.  Now that she has her long arm she finally got the opportunity to finish them, and it was good practise. 

  This beautiful king size leaf quilt was made using batik fabric. 



  Recently she has decided that she will make all of her grandchildren quilts, all 7 of them(so far).  She's the mother of 7 children so I think she has taken on quite the task because who knows how many more grand kids she'll have.   So far she's finished 3 quilts all very distinct to the child, and their interests and tastes.


Riley's Quilt
Austins Quilt

Zoe's Quilt 

  This log cabin quilt was inspired by my Oma.  It was intended for her cottage home.  She has since passed away but I think she would have loved it! Did I mention my Oma was a seamstress.  Sewing really runs in the family.  I can only hope my daughter takes a liking to it, to pass on the sort of tradition.

  Even though I don't have pictures I'd like to mention that for one Christmas my mom made her parents and in laws all rag quilts.  My dad helped cut all those stinkin' tabs.  They may not want me to mention it but my dad cut too far on some of the tabs on one quilt, so my mom made a whole new quilt for my grandpa.  So she made 5 rag quilts that Christmas.  Since then she's made 3 more rag quilts.  Maybe she'll make another one soon now that I have my accuquilt rag die, it'll make things a lot easier.

  I'm so happy my mom got her long arm machine.  It has brought us closer together.  It's nice to share this creative hobby with her, both quilting and long arm stitching.

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