Thursday, May 2, 2013

Sideways Tumbler Quilt

  So here's another quilt that can be made with the tumbler template using my accuquilt Go! cutter.  A customer came to me with this beautiful fabric and after going back and forth with her we agreed on this cool pattern.  I have been wanting to try out putting the tumblers sideways instead of up and down, so I was really excited about the project.  I started out with two fat quarter bundles of 15 and couple meters of matching fabric from the same collection.  So because I didn't have the same amount of tumblers I couldn't do a definite pattern more of just an all over pattern.  After it was all said and done with the borders it ended up being around 90 x 92 perfect for a double or queen bed.  I have been so busy with renovating it was nice to get back to quilting and top stitching.  I got to sew my first quilt in my new sewing room. 

  Top stitching went very smoothly and I chose a very nice flower swirl edge to edge.  I am always amazed at how top stitching brings the whole quilt together.  I hope she likes it :)

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