Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Accuquilt Rag Quilt

  I finally got to try out my Accuquilt GO! rag die.  I had a small pack of woolies flannel, 58 blocks.  The colors were very pretty and I thought it would be perfect for a floor mat or even a throw for my daughters bed.  My daughter really doesn't need any more quilts but I love making her things. 

  It is actually unbelievable how easy it is.  I have made a rag quilt before and it took me months to cut all those tabs and wore out a pair of scissors.  So after about 20 minutes my squares where all through the machine and ready to go.  Yes only 20 minutes! 

  Since me and my mom do so much top stitching on quilts we always have so much batting cut offs.  These cut offs are perfect for rag quilts and a great way to use up all those piles of batting that are too small for even table runners.

  So now that I had all my pieces I sat and pinned them together.

  Normally you sew an x through the middle but since I have such easy access to a longarm I thought I'd play around with some designs instead.  But really come to think of it, since your usually working with individual squares it would be easy to do designs on your regular machine. 

  I had to be very careful and sew the quilt together with the pins holding the squares together.  I had to do this because I wanted to put it on the longarm to finish off each square.  I took me about 3 hours which isn't bad.  The accuquilt cuts the squares so the corners are notched out which is great so you don't have bulky corners. 

  It was fun picking out kid patterns to put in each square I decided on 5 then did them in a pattern. I picked a swirl, butterfly, bee, duck, and flower.  I still had to sew in each corner to hold the batting in place but I was very happy with how it turned out.   I even wrote Ava in the middle which is my daughters name.

  I couldn't wait to go home and wash it to see my finished product.  And bang instant cozy quilt that my daughter loves.


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