Thursday, July 11, 2013

Accuquilt Scraps Project

  I have used my Accuquilt GO! for quite a few projects now and the scraps are piling up... During our renovation and move I was quite tempted to get rid of all these bags but the thriftiness in me made me keep them.

 I thought I would start off with the lush Michael Miller fabric, I just finished a quilt using this fabric and I thought a throw pillow would be nice to go with it.  This is what most of the scraps looked like (below).  I could get some triangles and strips out of the scrap. 
  I started off by just cutting a whole bunch of strips and putting them in piles beside my machine.

  I was inspired by a scrappy piece quilt my grandma made.  I thought if I just keep sewing the strips around and around like a spider web it was bound to come out looking like something pretty cool. 

  I really underestimated how much time it would take to sew all those tiny strips together.  My blog should actually be called the impatient quilter.  Eventually it grew to a size that I could cut it into a square.  It ended up being 18" x 18". It is actually really neat and I think a good way to use up those 3/4" strips.   It might not be for everybody but it was kinda free to make so...


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