Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Chopsticks Quilt- Serenade Fabric Collection by Kate Spain

  My sister gave me this beautiful Chopsticks quilt pattern by Jaybird Quilts.  I had quite a few of the fabrics from the Serenade collection by Kate Spain, so I thought I'd try it out. 

  I couldn't find the triangle cutting tool at my local fabric stores so I made a template instead.  After cutting most of the quilt out I ran out of a crucial fabric, the grey that goes around the triangles.  I could only find the fabric at Burgundy Buttons in the States for a decent price, so the quilt went on hold for 3 weeks or so.  Since I had to wait anyways I went around to some quilting stores to find the creative grids 12" equilateral triangle. This triangle ruler will come in handy for the one block wonder quilts I make as well.   Oh what a difference having the right ruler instead of a template makes!  Just so this is a true blog I will admit I screwed up on my template in the first place hence the reason I had to order more fabric.  I cut the strips wrong.... and even cut some of my triangles wrong.  Ahhh quilting my relaxing yet frustrating time to myself.

  After spending so much time cutting out this quilt I realized I have been a little spoiled with a lot of my recent quilts having the accuquilt GO! There was a lot of cutting for this quilt! At weird angles!

  All together I made 140 triangles.  I am hoping to make a queen size quilt and I think I might have enough for a throw quilt as well.  Funny enough I actually haven't made a quilt for my own bed.  This may be the one...maybe. 

  Having my new design wall makes me very happy!   I spent some time figuring out a pattern to see what my quilt could look like.

  I spent a couple days sewing together my rows,  I did 8 rows of 14.  My quilt will end up being around 90" x 92" once I cut the edges to make them straight.  I think I am going to add another row though,  I wanted it to be a little bigger then that for my queen bed.  The triangles were somewhat difficult at times to get them perfectly precise.  I got it most times but a couple I'm not really happy with. 

  Overall it's an interesting quilt, a fresh take on triangles.   Now I get to go have fun with the long arm.   It's really fun doing your own quilt on the machine opposed to a customers cause there is a lot less pressure.

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