Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Grandma's Quilts

  My Grandmother sent my mother some quilt tops to finish and I thought I would feature them because they are so lovely.  I can always remember my grandma sewing cloths.  Beautiful matching dresses for me and my 4 older sisters.  We have many pictures of us all lined up or in a photo shoot with our pretty dresses.  One Christmas she sewed everybody 2 sets of pajamas each, that's like over 32 pajamas!  I never got to see any of her Quilts until now. 

  This first quilt is a patchwork quilt.  Each piece is hand embroidered and must of taken her years!  There is even some left over fabric from our dresses in there.  My mom put a paisley flower all over design on it. 

The other quilt she sent us was a diamond design quilt.  My mom put a grapes with leaves all over pattern on it to pick up the pattern in the fabrics. 
  It was really nice to see some of my grandmas quilts.  So many talented family quilters!!! (to compete with ;))

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