Thursday, July 4, 2013

Grip-Lite Clamps

  After working with the original clamps that came with the gammill machine I needed a change.  They are strong clamps but they weigh down the quilt and only clamp a small part of it.   I ordered Grip-Lite clamps from  They came highly recommended so I thought we'd try them. 

  So guess what?  There wonderful.  There much wider and light weight.  The original clamps are 3/4" wide and these clamps are over 6" wide.  They have a special grip tape that holds onto the quilt really nicely.  My favourite part is the elastics, you can pull and clamp the quilt and it's tight without having to always run and adjust your velcro.  I would highly recommend them.  There about $26.99 for a pair but worth the money in my opinion.  Especially if you work with a lot of minky type backing, lightweight clamps are a must.

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