Thursday, July 25, 2013

Quilt in a Day - Ten Little Things

  I have been eyeing this cute fabric collection at my local fabric store and I thought I would just go for it before it disappears.   It's called Ten Little Things by Jenn Ski.  It's really nice when the collection has a lot of different fabrics to choose from.  I ended up buying 16 half meters and the panel. I will get at least 2 large baby quilts out of it.

  My sister had a baby earlier this year and I thought with all the quilts I make it would only be fair to make the little guy one too. 

  While I was waiting to get my fabric cut at the store I came across this basket of free patterns.  Even though this is for a Christmas quilt, it would transfer over perfectly for my ten little things fabric.

  This is a really easy quilt and very fast.  I changed the pattern sizes a little and ended up with am over sized baby quilt,  40" x 50".   I got the whole quilt done in a day :)

  I was very excited about the quilt and went and top stitched it the next day.  Since the fabric is already so busy I chose a very simple bubble pattern.   I used variegated blue and yellow thread.

    Well Colton I hope you like your quilt!


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