Friday, August 23, 2013

Heidi Grace Baby Quilts

  I have been sitting on this beautiful Heidi Grace fabric from the Botanical Garden collection.  I never knew what to make out of it.  After much thought and frustration with failing designs I ended up with two really cute baby girl quilts.

  The first one is kinda a stack and whack of sorts.  I like adding white to quilts now because it makes them brighter and for some reason I end up liking them better.  The backing is a really nice fabric from the Wrenly collection by Valorie Wells, MammaBird.

  I top stitched the quilt in a botanical flowers edge to edge design.  Quite fitting considering the name of the fabric.

  The second quilt is just something that came to be.  I added this and added that, put it up on my design wall and in the end it turned out pretty nice.  The backing is minky.  I love the feel of minky but it is so hard to use on a long arm machine.  I tried so hard and it still ended up stretched.  It gives the quilt a more "puckered" look.  The quilt is really nice and cozy in person but doesn't photograph so well.  I was excited to use the edge to edge of dragonflies and flowers.  It makes the quilt even more pretty and girly.


Saturday, August 17, 2013

Antique Airplane Baby Quilts

  Here is some kinda sophisticated baby boy quilts I did up this week.  I have had this fabric for awhile because I bought it for my little boy I thought I was having but then popped out a girl :).  I didn't want to cut up the airplane fabric too much because it was too nice, and you wouldn't get the full effect. 

  I used my accuquilt Go! to cut out some tumbler blocks to frame the fabric.  Then added some quilted blocks to clean up the corners.  I made two identical quilts to put in my etsy shop.  Each quilt is around 42" x 52".

  I went to go top stitch them and really didn't know which pattern to choose.  I eventually decided on a stars and loops pattern.  There are stars on some of the airplanes so I thought it would be a nice match.  I used dark red GLIDE thread and it stands out, but not too much.  I love the all over designs because the quilt is so beautiful from both sides.


Saturday, August 10, 2013

Chopsticks Quilt- Serenade by Kate Spain Collection

  I am so excited to show you my latest top stitched quilt.  I had it sitting for a couple weeks waiting for a day that I had time to go work on it on the long arm. 

  I decided to do double batting to give it more of a comforter feel.  It really shows off the stitching.  I used Glide thread in the silver color.  I can't believe how well it turned out.  Originally I was going to do a custom design but I like the way edge to edge designs look on the back better.  I used a flat sheet for the backing that has a beautiful sheen to it.  It wasn't originally planned this way but it really is a reversible quilt.  For the binding I used two different fabrics from the collection, alternating.   This was a very difficult quilt to bind because it was huge and heavy, but I got it done!


Wednesday, August 7, 2013

First Etsy Quilt Sale!

  Embarrassing as it is I finally sold my first quilt on etsy!!  I have sold some quilts locally but never from my shop.  I have been working hard trying to build my inventory up so I'll get more traffic.  Etsy is a very saturated market.  Sometimes it is a little frustrating because the average person doesn't know much about quilts and doesn't realize how much time or money is spent on it. 
  Anyways I am very excited and thought I would add a little bonus surprise in the package before I sent it off.  I had some extra fabric left over from the quilt purchased so I whipped up a burp cloth as a special surprise.   I added minky fabric on the back.  I sew an x on it to hold it together good because burp cloths are washed so much.

  It's kinda a fancy burp cloth but I liked getting or having pretty things when I was expecting.  Hope she likes it!

Friday, August 2, 2013

Ten Little Things Baby Boy Quilts

  So here is my projects for the week.  Two baby boy quilts using the moda Ten Little Things fabric by Jenn Ski.

  The first quilt I tried to pick up on the bubbly fabric and used some applique circles.

  I was very excited to find a construction truck top stitch pattern to go with my fabric.

  For the next quilt I thought I'd use up my extra strips and try something different with the fabric panel that goes with the fabric line.

  I did a wacky all over pattern for this quilt using variegated thread.

 They are both oversized baby quilts around 40" x 48".  Really fun little projects.


Bakeshop Baby Quilt- Boho Fabric

  I just finished my simple stacked squares quilt and had quite a bit of Boho fabric left.  I had 1 charm pack, leftovers from a charm pack, leftovers from a jelly roll as well as some white fabric. 

  I always look for inspiration on the internet and here's what I came up with...

  I wanted to get rid of all of the fabric I had from this collection.  I hate having "just a bit" left, I never end up using it.
  If your looking for a simple but beautiful quilt here you go.   The quilt ended up being an oversized baby or toddler quilt 42" x 52".  I always make my baby quilts bigger because I have a child and you can't use those little dinky ones very long. 

  Besides the squares framed in white, I cut all my jelly rolls and left over charm squares into 2 1/2" x 5" strips.  I then sewed them all together to frame my white framed boxes.

  I had so much left over of my sewed together strips I used it for the binding as well.

  It is really fun top stitching these little quilts. They don't take much time.  I found a nice complimentary design to go along with the patterns on the fabric.   A flower swirl pattern in white thread.  Really happy with how this one turned out.