Wednesday, August 7, 2013

First Etsy Quilt Sale!

  Embarrassing as it is I finally sold my first quilt on etsy!!  I have sold some quilts locally but never from my shop.  I have been working hard trying to build my inventory up so I'll get more traffic.  Etsy is a very saturated market.  Sometimes it is a little frustrating because the average person doesn't know much about quilts and doesn't realize how much time or money is spent on it. 
  Anyways I am very excited and thought I would add a little bonus surprise in the package before I sent it off.  I had some extra fabric left over from the quilt purchased so I whipped up a burp cloth as a special surprise.   I added minky fabric on the back.  I sew an x on it to hold it together good because burp cloths are washed so much.

  It's kinda a fancy burp cloth but I liked getting or having pretty things when I was expecting.  Hope she likes it!

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