Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Serenade Collection - Bakeshop Awesome Lap Quilt

  I apparently love the Serenade collection of fabric by Kate Spain.  This will be my third time using it for a quilt.  In my previous quilts I bought yardage and just bought the purples, blues and grays from the collection.  For this quilt I purchased the Serenade jelly roll.  I searched on the bake shop website and wanted to try this "awesome lap quilt" pattern. The link is here  It gives you step by step instructions very detailed, great tutorial.
  What a difference this quilt is from my previous quilts just adding the oranges and browns.  You wouldn't even think they were from the same collection.  The quilt is small only 46" x 50" a perfect lap quilt for the couch. 
  I really wasn't sure what pattern to use when top stitching it.  I was stumped and left it for quite a while.  I finally found this pretty feathering pattern and thought I would just go for it.  I absolutely love it!  I actually almost like the back more than the front! 
  So here it is all finished....


Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Winnipeg Center Vinyard Craft Sale

  So I'm taking the plunge my mother and I are going to be one of the crafters at the Winnipeg Center Vineyard craft sale!!  I was so excited we got accepted.  It's on November 30th and I am already kicking it into overdrive.  I have a lot of quilt inventory but need smaller, cheaper items.  I am making quilted table runners and pillow covers.   This will be my first craft sale sort of... I have had my items at other peoples booths but never one to myself. 

  The link to their website is here.  There are a lot of wonderfully gifted artists that take part in the show.  Be sure not to miss this one!

Friday, September 13, 2013

Custom Baby Quilts- Stacked Squares

  I was very excited to be contacted through Etsy from a local who wanted some custom quilts made.  She had seven different cotton fabrics she used as napkins at her wedding.  She wanted me to make two baby quilts out of the fabric.  It was a nice idea because it was sort of a memory quilt as well.

  She was interested in a pattern I recently did with my moda boho fabric, stacked squares.  I decided to do one in that pattern and one a little different so they wouldn't be exactly the same.  It was quite  bit of piecing just to get long enough strips but eventually it all worked out.  Each quilt turned out to be very generous sizes around 42" x 58". 

  When I went to the fabric store I was very happy to find the perfect fabric for backing.  The fabric that she gave me was bought over a year ago so finding matching fabric was quite exciting. 

  As for top stitching I found out she was having a boy so that cuts out any flowery patterns.  I chose very neutral patterns.  One leaf with swirls and a simple meandering pattern. 

  So here they are it's amazing what you can do with some napkins.  I am very happy with them and I hope she enjoys them too.