Thursday, October 24, 2013

Baby Clothes Memory Quilt

  I was excited and nervous for a new custom project that came my way, a memory quilt made from baby clothes.   I started off with 20 articles of clothing.

  I was making a double size quilt so I would need to play around with some borders to get the desired size.  Me and the customer went back and forth and got all the ideas ironed out.  She chose pink, purple and cream as the colors to add as borders and frames for the cloths.

  I started off by going through the clothes to see how big of squares I could get.  I wanted all the squares to be the same.  I ended up doing a rectangle of 8" x 9".  I tried to make sure you really got the essence of each piece so I tried to get all the "frilly" stuff to fit in the 8" x 9" frame.  This is where the intricate, time consuming part comes in.  For some of the jumpers and dresses I cut the back from the front and then sewed them together.  This way you could still see the pretty stitching and such.


 When doing memory quilts your dealing with a lot of different types of fabric.  For the t-shirts and onesies  I had to use a fabric stabilizer.  I cut out squares of the fusible webbing a little bigger then my desired finished square size so in this case around 8 1/2" x 9 1/2".  Then I ironed them to the inside of the t-shirts or onesies.  For some of the sleepers I did the same thing but because I wanted them to open I just had to cut my fusible webbing in half, and tinker a little. 

   After I fiddled, ironed and tinkered I cut my pieces to my 8" x 9" desired size.  For the articles that would open I sewed the front onto the back.

   I cut my cream strips to be 2" strips.  I cut them a little larger so that I could make adjustments if my clothes ended up not being a perfect 8" x 9" block.  Then after each piece was framed I cut them all the same size, this way you can be accurate going forward.

  The customer gave me an order to put the clothes in to go from earliest on, and tell a story.

  Then I kept adding borders or frames...

  and more frames...

  Now I had my desired size.  The quilt was around 80" x 94".  I wish it was a little wider but it will fit nicely on a double bed, and I can't add anymore borders :)

  I was a little discouraged at this point because I just didn't think it was pretty enough.  I went to go top stitch it and hummed and hawed for a long time as to what to do.  I thought I would have to go custom and do each frame,  but decided to do more of an all over pattern around each block.  I am very happy with my choice and the quilt looks absolutely amazing!  It all came together in the end.  I did a tight daisy flower design with glide light pink thread, I have used this pattern before and just think it is so pretty.  I used a pink bubble/polka dot patterned fabric on the back and for the binding, it all fits together nicely. 

  I made a couple pillow covers as well from the leftover fabric.

  Now to give it back to the customer...  Hope she likes it and doesn't think I just hacked up her treasured baby clothes.

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