Monday, October 7, 2013

Charm Pack Table Runners - Late Bloomers Collection

  So I have had this beautiful moda Late Bloomers fabric sitting in my collection for awhile and my original plan was to make a throw quilt for myself out of it.  My colors have changed over the years and now I'm into more cool colors.
  After humming and hawing I decided to make some table runners out of it.  I had 2 charm packs and a variety of 1/2 yards and fat quarters.  Every time I would see the fabric at a quilt shop I would buy some. Not sure why...
  The fabric turned out to be perfect for thanksgiving or fallish table runners.  They would even be good for Christmas actually with the green and red.
  I made 5 table runners all around 13" x 50".  They are all pretty different besides two that I made identical. 
  I was very excited to go and top stitch them because each one would be fast and I could use different patterns on them.  I used mostly whimsical swirl patterns because it really suited the fabric. 
  I am very happy with how they turned out. 


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