Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Modern Table Runners -Moda Salt Air Layer Cake

  I found this layer cake at local fabric shop and nabbed it up right away.  My sister made a couple quilts with this fabric line last year and I really liked it.  I decided to see how many table runners I could get out of it. 
   I started out with the layer cake and some cream fabric.  I came up with some different designs (getting some inspiration from pinterest) and had fun with my accuquilt GO!.  I thought the modern fabric would look good with modern designs.
  I put things up on my design wall (a flannel sheet pinned to the wall) it makes things a lot easier especially when your laying out a design and there isn't a definite pattern.  I separated the blue and green fabric from the red and yellow fabric in the layer cake.  I got 5 table runners out of it! They are all different but similar. 
  I had fun with the top stitching and used flower and feathered designs.
  I have decided to keep the blue and green ones, because they go with my house colors.  It feels good to display some of my work around the house.
  Well here they are I actually really like them, hexagons are such a pain to sew but they sure show well. 


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