Friday, March 14, 2014

Catnap Chevron Baby Quilts

Two new baby quilts! After finishing a quilt with this catnap fabric for a lovely lady on Etsy, I had a little fabric left over.  Why not make some simple chevron baby quilts... Very easy!

I decided to separate the similar colors from the fabric collection to make two separate quilts. 
One with the corals, oranges, yellows, and pinks... And the other the greens, blues, and greys...

The chevron seems to be very popular right now and would be a great starter quilt for the wanna be quilter.  Obviously plain squares would be the easiest but this lets you practice connecting the points.

My quilts started off as 7" x7" squares, then I cut them point to point.  Sewed each patterned fabric with a cream one. 

After ironing I laid them out on my design wall in my desired pattern, sewed them together, and walla a 39" x 39" baby quilt! I forgot to take pictures so I will do a better tutorial at a later date although I am sure there are a million out there.

I top stitched them with butterflies and bubbles with a plush backing and they are so incredibly cuddly!  The original quilt with these fabrics is here. The fabric is Catnap by Lizzie House.  I ordered it from Pink Castle Fabrics but it is also available at
Happy Quilting Everyone!