Monday, March 17, 2014

Hexagon Stripe Scrap Baby Quilt

  Not sure what to call this baby quilt... It's hexagon quilt made with scraps in a stripe pattern :)  I made a quilt a while back and had all this fabric left that was mostly strips.  I thought I would work with that and come up with something a little different.

  Most of my strips were around 1.75" so I cut whatever I had that width, with the exception of two larger pieces I would save for the border.

I organized them into pairs that matched.

Then sewed them lengthwise together

I laid them out on my cutting board, and used my equilateral triangle ruler to cut half hexagons out. 


Note: Your sides should be 1/2" bigger then the top of your half hexagon.  In my case the top is 3" and the sides are 3.5", the bottom is 6.5".
Here are all my cut out half hexagons.

I put them up on my design wall (don't mind the ugly flannel sheet I use, I really need to invest in a white one) 

  I then sewed them together, each row downwards.  Proving a little difficult because you need to match up the fabrics on an angle. They need to meet up 1/4" in. Not all of mine match exactly and I did have to do a little seam ripping as well. 

Then I sewed each downward row together.  This is when it is really important that your cutting is accurate, and it will go together easily.

   Even though it ended up being a small baby quilt 36" x 37" it seemed to take forever!  I will definitely make this quilt again but with bigger strips.  The effect is really nice I think.
  To finish it I top stitched it in a modern floral design on a plush backing.

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