Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Lush Fabric Collection - Bright Twisty Twin Quilt

  New twin quilt for my etsy shop!

  After completing my Hexagon Quilt I had some left over fabric from the Lush collection by Patti Young.  I love the bright colors from this collection and decided to make another twin quilt out of it.

  I had 11 different fabrics that were around 8.5" to 9" x WOF each and 3 yards of white.

  First I cut all my fabric in 2.75" strips (so this can be easily changed to use a jelly roll) Each fabric yielded 3 strips.  Then I cut 33- 2.75" x WOF of the white fabric.  The outcome or pattern of the quilt I think is a traditional charm pack quilt.

I sewed each patterned fabric lengthwise with a strip of the white.

After ironing I cut the strips into squares, each being 5" x 5". (Hence it being a charm pack quilt...)

There are lots of configurations, but a chose the "twist" design. (I decided to do the zigzag pattern at another time)
  I assembled my blocks making sure I put them through the machine all the same way to avoid a headache later.

 At this point I decided to trim my blocks at a slight turn thinking to would make them look like they were spinning more. It ended up not making too much of a difference. 

  I then laid them out on my design wall in my desired pattern and sewed it together.  For my design I couldn't go row by row but instead corner to corner.
  I had a lot of minky pieces that were to small in themselves to use for a quilt backing so I put them all together to make one big backing.  Minky is so hard to sew but I love the way the back turned out!

  For top stitching I decided to do an all over daisy pattern.  My other quilt made with these fabrics has the same design and it goes with the fabric nicely.

  Very happy with how it turned out.  I always like the quilt more when it has a plush or minky backing.  I promise you it will get more use, speaking from experience.

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