Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Hit the JACKPOT at Fabric.com

  Got my www.fabric.com order and got a few surprises inside, good surprises :) A long with loving the fabric I hit the "JACKPOT" 6 times!  I didn't even know they did this but if you get the end of the bolt you get extra fabric!  My half yards I ordered were more like full yards or more!!!  What a great surprise!  This gorgeous fabric is going to turn into baby blankets, quillows, pillow covers, and a quilt or 2.


  1. I got my fabric today and hit the Jackpot too. My first order with fabric.com so I'm happy.

    That's a beautiful selection of fabric you chose, btw.

    1. Thanks! Hitting the jackpot is such an added bonus, I was pretty excited :)

  2. I hit the jackpot twice with my order yesterday. So exciting! Haha. Six times is quite impressive.