Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Equilateral Triangle Quilt Tutorial

  I have fell in love with the equilateral triangle quilts.  I have made quite a few and love how they turn out.  In my ETSY shop I have decided to sell quilt kits with pre-cut triangles, along with the kits comes some instructions I made up.  I thought I would put up on here changed up just a bit... (Underneath instructions will be modifications for different sizes)

Equilateral Triangle Quilt Instructions
Example Quilt is for a 39" x 39" Baby Quilt

Materials Needed:
28- 8.5" equilateral triangles
1/4 meter fabric - inner border
1/2 meter fabric - outer border
1/4 meter fabric - binding
1 meter - backing
Crib size batting
Cutting board
Rotary cutter
Quilting ruler

Seam allowance: 1/4"
WOF = Width of Fabric


Step 1: Place triangles in desired layout. Cut 4 triangles in half to use on the edges.

Step 2: Going row by row sew the triangles together. 
Quick guide for assembling rows as follows:


Iron the seams apart as shown below


Place yellow triangle on top using green triangles open pressed seams as a guide.

You should end up with 4 rows with 6 full triangles and half triangles on the ends.

Step 3: After the rows are assembled sew them together to complete center of quilt top.

Pin each corresponding point together for better alignment. Iron.

Step 4: Take inner border fabric and cut  4- 1.5" x WOF strips to make first framing border.

 Sew onto quilt vertically then horizontally. Cut off excess, iron.

Step 5: Take outer border fabric and cut 4- 3" x WOF strips

Sew onto quilt. Cut off excess, iron.
Step 6: Now you have a completed quilt top. You can baste, quilt and bind as desired.

Twin Size
Quilt approximately 69" x 84"
108 - 8.5" equilateral triangles
1/2 yard inner border fabric (1.5")
1 1/4 yard outer border fabric (5.5")
1 yard binding fabric
5-6 yards backing fabric
Twin batting  
Throw Size
Quilt approximately 54.5" x 63"
70- 8.5" equilateral triangles
1/4 meter inner border (1.5" border)
1/2 meter outer border (3" border)
3 meters backing fabric
1/2 meter binding fabric
twin batting

Baby Size with 6" equilateral triangles.
Quilt approximately 40" x 40"
60- 6" equilateral triangles
1/2 meter border fabric (3.75")
1/4 meter binding fabric (2.25" double binding)
1 1/4 meter backing
crib batting

Monday, October 20, 2014

Scattered Seeds Craft Market 2014

  Had a wonderful weekend at the Scattered Seeds Show.  It was a great experience for my first big sale.  I learned a lot and hope to do it again next year.  I really didn't realize how much stock I have. Once I displayed what I have I realized I go for certain color pallets.

  The quilt on the back wall was a raffle and the lucky winner was Talitha Timlick! Who actually is my sister, I was going to draw again but felt bad because she actually bought a lot of tickets. 
Hope to see you at Scattered Seeds 2015!