Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Space One Block Wonder Quilt

  I do love me a one block wonder quilt....but all those triangles ahhhhh! Even though sewing all the pieces together is tiring it is always so exciting seeing the beautiful hexagons that are created.  I am particularly proud of this one because I love how it turned out.  It's more of a piece of art then a quilt.  I can't take all the credit though. This quilt was for a customer who had a definite vision in mind.  She picked out the fabric and we worked together back and forth to get the design just right.
  I started with stargazers solar system fabric from fabric.com

  When picking out or buying fabric for a one block wonder keep in mind how big the repeat is. For this fabric it was 24" apart, so to get 6 repeats you would need 4 yards.  If you are making a bigger quilt you would need at least 8 yards in this case. 

Here are some pictures of my process...
I layer 6 repeats (as close as I can get to perfect) on top of each other.  For this quilt I cut 3.5" strips then cut them into equilateral triangles.

Just taking a peak at some of the designs

I sew them into groups of three, so they are easier to keep track of.  Now I'm ready to put them up on my design wall.

Here are all the triangles.

After some trial and error you get a design you like.  Above is my first attempt.  Below is my second overall design attempt.  I say that because I went back and forth with the customer to get this one just right for her liking.

Pretty dang cool!

This quilt ended up being around 85" x 100" perfect for a double bed.  I had enough fabric for the front of the quilt, a sham, a bit for the back as a picture window of what the fabric looked like originally and binding.  For the borders I didn't want to take away from the middle, I used black and coordinating strips of batik fabric.  Making the hexes pop out into the border is way harder then it looks by the way!

Top stitching will be another adventure all on it's own.  Wish me luck!

Sunday, December 7, 2014

Stacked Squares Lush Quilt

  After an exhausting fall of quilting and a big craft sale I thought I would take a break from all things crafty.... well no such luck, apparently I quite enjoy it and started to go through withdraw. 
  Since I don't have any completed projects to write about, here is a really exciting quilt top I finished.  I love the stacked squares quilts so I was excited to make a full size version. I have made two baby ones like this but never a bed size.  There is a free pattern here using jelly rolls. 
  This is my third quilt using the Lush collection by Michael Miller Fabrics.  I love the bright colors!

I am very excited to go top stitch this one with nice soft fuscia minky on the back.