Sunday, September 13, 2015

New Website!

Hey, I'm very excited to announce that I have a new website! 
It has all my Serena Bean Quilts information, but for those who share my love of quilting, why not get your quilt professionally top stitched! Check it out.

Thursday, August 20, 2015

Bright and Funky Dori Layer Cake Throw Quilt

 Quick and easy layer cake throw quilt.  I used the Dori Collection by Benartex Fabric.  The fabric line is quite funky using bright and colorful fabrics.  It's a simple pattern using only one layer cake (42 - 10" x 10" squares) and makes a 50" x 57" quilt. 

The quilt is topstitched in a medallion design to match the patterns on some of the fabrics.  Yet again I used bamboo/cotton batting and a soft yellow minky. 

You can find this quilt for sale in my ETSY SHOP

Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Color Theory Stripe Queen Quilt

I recently sold one of the first quilts I made to sell.  A simple striped jelly roll quilt. 

So to honor the occasion I made another one. The Color Theory Collection by V and Co. for Moda Fabric is gorgeous! V and Co. has come out with some wonderful lines, most of which I have used.  I had two jelly rolls and decided to take the pinks out of the collection and just use the more neutral colors.  This quilt is simple but very tedious, sewing all the 2.5" strips together.  I would lay them out on the bed to get the desired look I wanted.  It ended up being a 92" x 92" quilt, and looks great on the bed.  I made up a custom top stitch design of random swirls.  Yet again I used my favorites, bamboo/cotton batting and turquoise minky backing.

I have said this a million times but I did originally make the quilt for myself but my husband won't give up the quilt we already have on our bed.  You can find this one in my ETSY Shop

Saturday, August 15, 2015

Avant Garden On-Point Lap Quilt

  Beautiful Avant Garden Collection by Moda Fabric.  I was so excited to get these charm packs, I love the unusual color scheme.  I thought I'd add to the oddity by using a unique burgundy and navy minky backing.  Two charm packs plus some yardage cut in 1.5" strips equalled a 42" x 51" quilt.

  I top stitched the quilt in a simple flower loop design. It also has my new favorite, cotton/bamboo batting.

You can find this quilt in my Etsy Shop.
Update: I love the wonderful people I get to work with on ETSY.  A customer loved the colors of this quilt as much as I do but needed a bigger size.  Since I love doing custom work, wala twin size Avant Garden quilt with matching sham.


Sunday, May 3, 2015

Simply Style Twin On Point Diamond Quilt

  Here's a quick quilt to do using pre-cuts.  I put this one together in a morning, so ya it's really fast!  The fabric is from the Simply Style Collection by V and Co. for moda fabric.  I bought 2 layer cakes which came with the whole Simply Style collection.  I took out the more masculine colors to make this quilt.  But it would be quite simple to modify by using one layer cake and 2 half yards to make up the 49.5 -10" square blocks used. With borders the quilt measures 66" x 80". 
  The top stitch design is a square spiral that I warped to match the fabric patterns a little better. The backing is a minky green chevron.

Check it out in my ETSY Shop

Monday, April 20, 2015

Wren and Friends Framed Hexagon Quilt

Well here's a little beauty!  It was a pain in the butt to sew this one but it sure turned out nice.  My daughter has claimed it as hers, but the layers of quilts on her bed suggest maybe she has too many.
I used one pre-cut hexagons pack from the Wren and Friends fabric line by moda fabrics.  To get a bigger quilt I framed each hexagon in a creamy white solid. The quilt ended up being a lap or baby/toddler size.  The backing is a cream minky plush, which is unbelievably soft.
I loved the fabric so much while making this one I went out and bought more.  So stay tuned for some more wren and friends :)


Sunday, April 19, 2015

Barthlomeow Baby Boy Quilt

  Quick and easy charm pack quilt.  All you need is two charm packs (40 - 5" squares x 2) and some solid color yardage about 1 yard (I used white).  I love how it showcases the fabric patterns by framing them.  It only takes a few hours to complete this oversized baby quilt top.  I used blue minky backing and 50/50 cotton/bamboo batting.  The top stitch design is waves to go along with the cute Barthlomeow fabric line by moda fabrics.

Happy Quilting

Thursday, April 16, 2015

Persimmon Postage Stamp Quilt

Here is one of my favorite quilts that I have ever made!! Very tempted to keep this one, but alas I have too many quilts hanging around the house.  I think I mostly like it because of the beautiful colors in the Persimmon fabric line.

I started off with 1 jelly roll and about 1 1/2 meters of solid fabric and got a 60" x 60" quilt out of it! I was quite impressed with myself, and it went together really fast. This fabric line worked out nicely because there are no repeats in the postage stamp blocks. 

As with most of my quilts I put a cozy plush backing on it with 50/50 bamboo/cotton batting.  Check it out in my ETSY shop here

Happy Quilting

Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Color Me Happy Quilts

Moda came out with this beautiful fabric line Color Me Happy by V and Co. a while back and I love it!  Every time I buy fabric online it seems a little color me happy makes it's way into the cart. 

I wasn't sure what I would end up making with the fabric but I had a little fun figuring it out.  I had 4 turnovers (10" triangles), 4 charm packs (5" squares), and some random yardage. 

I separated the girly colors and the neutral ones to create two quilts.  I ended up with a twin/single and an oversized throw. I played with different designs and here is what I came up with....


Friday, January 2, 2015

Space One Block Wonder Complete!!

  My space one block wonder quilt is all finished and ready to ship away (finally)!  I love how the quilt turned out but am more then ready to ship it off. 
  The top stitching took me quite a few days and was very frustrating.  I did each hexagon with a swirl in variegated purple/turquoise/black/pink thread. The outer border has a simple stripe pattern in black, the inner border has a chain design also in black.

Now it's off to Colorado hopefully she likes it!